A carbon neutral planet can be achieved by being Carbon Capital Smart.

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At a Glance

Climate Change Ventures is an integrated financial services firm set up to advise and finance the energy transition movement with the prime objective of reducing our carbon footprint.

Our firm comprises experienced advisors, fund managers, investors and lenders with a track record in financing clean and renewable energy projects worldwide.

The signing of the COP 21 Paris Agreement has led to an international climate treaty applicable to all countries, aiming to keep global warming below 2°C.

“Today’s focus is not on offsetting emissions but rather, to create solutions that decarbonise industries, cities and countries.”

What We Do

Strategic Advisory Services

We offer bespoke integrated solutions that unlock value through extracting synergies across sectors and technologies. Our expertise allows investors, companies and developers to align their interests, reduce carbon emissions and to make them comply for our world to be a cleaner and better place in measurable ways.

Investment & Asset Management

We are working towards managing proprietary and institutional funds dedicated to clean energy projects. We partner with strong teams during their growth stage and create a sustainable relationship through the acquisition and consolidation stages of their corporate strategy.

Trading & Brokerage

We are working to build a blockchain platform for the trading of emissions and its derivatives in accordance with new legislation that will be made available by the UNFCCC, to enable our clients to comply with Government policies once agreed at COP level.

“We care about the planet, we care about people, we care about professionalism, we care about doing the right thing.”

Our Values


No ifs, no buts, – just plain, unadulterated truth and transparency. Honesty about the impact of carbon emissions on our environment, honesty about the impact of global warming, honesty about how we conduct business and honesty about how we can make changes for the good of all humanity.


Dedicating and committing our leadership, knowledge and experience to achieve the best results for all of our stakeholders: investors, inventors, developers, employees, governments and shareholders. We know what we are doing and we are confident about the results.


A passion for climate change remediation. A passion to build back better, a passion for the optimisation of green technologies, a passion for innovation in these same technologies, but most of all a passion for the reduction in the use of fossil fuel technologies.