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Climate Change Ventures Ltd (CCV), the cleantech integrated advisory and development specialists, have combined forces with ANF Luxembourg SA (ANF), a regulated investment management company in Luxembourg, to launch an investment fund under Article 8 paragraph 1, 2 and 2A of regulation (EU) 2019/2088 and Article 6, 1st paragraph, of regulation (EU) 2020/852, exclusively dedicated to “green investments”, more specifically devoted to clean technologies. The Fund has been named “Clean Transition RAIF” and the initial subfund has been named Carbon Zero First. The Fund has been designed to deploy EUR 500 millions in green investments and as the first subfund to be launched, Carbon Zero First will hold EUR 150 millions. Its focus will be to back initiatives offering solutions to the threat posed by Climate Change.

The structure has been designed optimally, with a Luxembourgish company as the General Partner, called “Midori no Sekai” (“Green World” in Japanese). The General Partner has nominated NS Partners as the Management Company, ANF Luxembourg as the investment manager/portfolio manager function (under delegation) and APEX as the NAV calculator and fund Administrator. The assets custodians will be UBS Luxembourg, Price Waterhouse Coopers Luxembourg will be the auditors and ANF Luxembourg the Global Distributor. The fund will be regulated by the Luxembourgish Financial Authority (The CSSF Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier)

CCV and ANF bring together years of professional experience and expertise in their respective fields. The fund structure has been designed to respect fully ESG disclosure obligations under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations. These comprehensive arrangements provide peace of mind for financial stakeholders, as well as offering them a meaningful role in reducing global warming and is key to what the managers of the fund aim to achieve.

Horacio Carvalho, CEO of CCV said, “We have been working hard to put together a team of professionals to identify, fund and develop projects that will have a lasting impact on the fate of our planet. Together with our partners in the Carbon Zero First Clean Transition RAIF we can achieve our ambitions of building back better in the aftermath of the pandemic, optimising innovation in green technologies, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and making real environmental changes for the good of all humanity.”

Ricardo Torres, CEO of ANF said, “ We at ANF are extremely happy with the initiative, the creation of a fully oriented and regulation compliant green investment fund, assuring investors and entrepreneurs that the absolute good cause for our planet will be targeted, in a sound form where long lasting results for the planet will be achieved through our actions of today and this project.”

About ANF Luxembourg

ANF Luxembourg is an independent Financial Services Company based in Luxembourg. Working independently and transparently, ANF provides the best solutions to its clients on the international financial market. ANF is a Luxembourgish company, properly regulated and supervised by agencies and authorities.

About Climate Change Ventures

Climate Change Ventures is an integrated financial services firm dedicated to the clean energy sector, with activities spanning strategic advisory, investment management, project development and trading. Our mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a zero-carbon economy by advising on and investing in green projects. Our team comprises of senior investment bankers, fund managers and engineers with several decades of experience in the clean energy sector.


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