2021 – A Year of Endeavour, Consolidation and Growth

“Objects in the rear-view mirror can appear closer than they are” when applied to 2021 certainly rings true. Far from being “long ago and far away” notable events from last year loom large in our psyche. Principle amongst these was the Pandemic. The single thing that dominated our lives and was a constant background theme to everything and everyone, everywhere; but somehow, we all managed. At Climate Change Ventures (CCV) we put our shoulders to the wheel and pushed hard. And hard work has produced results. We’d like to tell you about them.

We were represented at COP26 and while the Conference of the Parties in Glasgow didn’t quite produce the unified approach to Climate Change that had been anticipated, there were some important gains. For one thing, it highlighted even more starkly the plight of our planet and humanity. Governments were held to account for their performance against the Paris Agreement of COP21. What they had achieved under their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) came under scrutiny. They are now being pressured into being more serious about mitigating global warming. There was a paradigm shift away from Kyoto Protocol in the wake of the Paris Agreement. CO2 offsetting gave way to a new era of abating carbon in transition to a Net Zero world. This opened opportunities to companies like CCV. Companies that could deploy knowledge, expertise, finance, and new technologies to solve climate change problems.

As Founders of CCV we have been active in the sector since 2003 and the experience we gained since then has earned respect from our clients, partners, and stakeholders. We have an appreciation of the power of innovation and an understanding of the challenges that industries, transport, population growth, climate mitigation and other sectors face in achieving carbon zero. This gave us the opportunity in our Advisory & Consultancy Division to close a significant number of mandates to raise finance on behalf of clients in the following sectors:

  • Plastics Circular economy
  • Waste to Hydrogen Technologies
  • New battery technologies
  • New fuel cells technologies
  • Hydrogen compression
  • Green hydrogen production with disruptive technologies
  • Green Ammonia production
  • Small wind turbines
  • Agritec innovative technologies

We are looking to grow our Advisory activities to take mandate contracts to £1 billion in fundraising during 2022. With £250 million currently on the books, significant cash flows from success fees and carried interests will result from these transactions. Added to this, our development of new ways of funding both companies and the public sector with innovative financial instruments, such as Green Bonds, brings additional income streams. We are currently applying these structures to Governments in achieving their NDCs and Local Authorities meeting their Climate Action Plans.

Our Consultancy work on CO2 management for large industrial users in Oil & Gas, Chemical facilities, Ammonia plants, and other related activities is increasing rapidly. We anticipate that this growth will continue and are targeting a turnover of £5million in 2022 in this sector.

We have been laying the foundations both in deal flow and recruitment of focussed teams for our Asset Management Division. Our aim is to launch 3 funds during 2022 for different climate change related sectors with a total target raise of €500 million.

Through a subsidiary, Hydrogen Ventures Ltd (H2V), we have also structured and established an existing deal flow of £350 million in our Development Division. With projects in EU and UK, there is the rewarding prospect of recovering over 1.5 million tons of CO2.
We are focussing these activities on green H2 and synthetic fuels (green methanol, green ethanol). In 2022 we expect to grow the H2V deal flow 
of potential opportunities to €1 billion, with negotiations on several of these are already underway.

All these activities need talented people. People who share CCV’s vision of a world where greenhouse gases are diminished to sustainable levels. So, we will begin an intensive recruitment campaign in 2022, with an increase in workforce to around 40. From our current 2 offices in UK and Germany we plan to open a further 4 in Europe and 2 worldwide.

We are actively seeking to increase our partnerships and relationships with financial and governmental institutions, Family Offices, technology providers and the public sector. If you want to play a part in CCV’s success, please get in touch with us. You can find out more about the company, our activities and plans by following us on social media ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/ccventuresio ) and visiting our websites ( www.ccventures.io and www.hydrogenventures.co.uk ).

2021 has had its challenges, at CCV we’ve met them, overcame them, consolidated our position in the marketplace and look forward with confidence to increasing success in 2022.

And for the New Year we wish all our clients, our friends and their families, safety, and good health in the face of the coronavirus, happiness in life and success in business!

Tweedie Brown CBE  – Chairman

Horacio Carvalho – Chief Executive