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Savig Brasil’s forests and agriculture combining Wind Power with Ecosystem Services

Climate Change Ventures (CCV) and Archipel Consulting have combined forces in a joint venture company to address one of the biggest ecological and environmental problems facing Brazil. Their multi-faceted solution reverses deforestation, re-forests degraded land, enables sustainable farming and stimulates biome recovery. Their solution is powered by a plentiful Brazilian green energy resource – wind.

CCV and Archipel have brought together their knowledge and experience of innovative, emerging technologies and green financing and investment, to bring this unique proposition to market. Decisions made at COP26 in Glasgow reinforce the joint venture company’s approach. It offers the prospect of carbon sequestration and emission avoidance resulting in carbon credits and therefore additional bonuses for investors.

An initial target for the Joint Venture is the Northeast region, home to the Caatinga Biome, a forest biome unique to Brazil and currently under threat. A reference project of 290 MW already in planning is envisioned for that area, addressing a holistic solution to biome restoration. In addition to soil and water conservation, forest restoration and sustainable agriculture, around 580,000 tons of CO2 per year will be saved through sequestration and emission avoidance. The lives of local farmers and residents will be improved and a massive contribution will be made to the achievement of Net Zero. This is just one example of a 2.5 GW pipeline of projects in planning or under consideration.

Horacio Carvalho, CEO of CCV, said, “By adopting a joined-up approach and integrating green energy production, biome preservation, land remediation and sustainable farming, huge reductions in greenhouse gases can be made. This will be to the ultimate benefit for the local community, the Northeast region the nation of Brazil and the planet.”

Ralf Lattouf, Director of Archipel, said, “We realized that, in addition to the low-density land demand of wind power farms, the premium region in Brazil for this type of renewable energy is also home of the Caatinga, a unique Biome with occurrence in Brazil only, with little protection and already severely degraded. We believe that the benefits to global problems, like climate change, and local ones, like sustainable development, poverty and desertification, are tremendous.”

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About Climate Change Ventures

Climate Change Ventures is an integrated financial services firm dedicated to the clean energy sector, with activities spanning strategic advisory, investment management, project development and trading. Our mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a zero-carbon economy by advising on and investing in green projects. Our team comprises of senior investment bankers, fund managers and engineers with several decades of experience in the clean energy sector.

About Archipel Consultoria Ltda

Archipel is a consultancy firm specializing in strategic advisory on sustainability. Our mission is to provide services capable of causing a positive impact on our clients’ competitiveness, on society and on the environment. Our team gathers competencies in technical areas of engineering and business structuring. We gathered senior professionals with 25+ years of experience in South America and Europe. We aim to convert sustainable solutions into real assets for clients.

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